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Jones RV Park, Norcross, GA
A "burg" east of Atlanta, this park is...

Up early for an eight o'clock start (we actually did it!). We have two days to make it to Gaffney for our Monday service appointment, and there is no direct way to drive between Elkmont and Gaffney. Either northeast to Knoxville and then southeast to Gaffney, or alternatively, southeast to Birmingham & Atlanta and then northeast to Gaffney. The Atlanta route is shorter, so we chose that option.

Today's drive was about 280 miles along I-65 to Birmingham, where we took on 65 gallons of diesel. Then I-20 to Atlanta where we'll spend the night. We put into Jones RV Park in Norcross, a "burg" just east of Atlanta. It was a long drive and the last 35 miles in Atlanta's traffic (even on a Saturday) was not the most pleasant experience. But, we're here safe and sound and tomorrow's trip will be much shorter and less trying.

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