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Graham Rahal's team wears purple

everything Penske is hot red and black

Gil de Ferran's Dragon Racing wears blue and black

a couple of Speedway's finest - looking for their horses

Ed Carpenter's Panther Racing team is sponsored by Fuzzy's Vodka - as...

Team Penske again

now here's some cross pollination you don't often see

how this little guy got past the black paint booth is anybody's...

distinctive colors but no logo?

Chip Ganassi's Target Teams are not hard to spot

how could Herbalife not be green?

except for the red stripe KV Racing's colors are a soft, understated...

the backs of their shirts say 'Stargate Resistance' whatever that is

Dad's Root Beer sponsors Mike Conway in the 24 car

continuing in the yellow theme - the men from Ipiranga

working for Ana Beatriz who is presumably the Girl from Ipiranga

Izod is in your face everywhere

Dollar General is a great sponsor for a down to earth 'family'...

Geico sponsors Paul Tracy

and the Geico Gekko even made the show

KV Racing Technology is the team of both E.J. Viso and Mario...

Service Central sponsors Jay Howard

Howard drives this 66 car for Sarah Fisher Racing

these are the uniforms that make all this other stuff possible!

Team Lotus is a quiet and elegant team that keeps rookie Takuma...

Boy Scouts of America sponsor Alex Lloyd - a young man from...

rolling Alex's car over to Tech for a pre-qual inspection

while Citgo sponsors Alex's teammate Milka Duno

Go Daddy's guys still trying to figure out what ails Danica Patrick's...

this unlikely group all work for the same team - Andretti Motorsports

they are working to fix the car of Tony Kanaan who crashed...

Go Daddy - 7/11 and Venom all working feverishly to get Tony...

you have to admit this is a pretty eye catching logo

another guy from Ipiranga


the 'feel good' sponsor

this begs the question - are they running the car on vodka?

next door the National Guard's fuel tank

there to feed Dan Wheldon's car

cousin John Andretti is sponsored by Window World

John's 43 car is next in Tech

while A.J.'s ABC Team waits their turn

their hopes pinned now on new driver Jaques Lazier

the Boy Scouts are also waiting for Tech

and so are the Dollar General guys from Sarah Fisher

this woman is also in uniform - one that says she works...

that shirt is probably a real Chic Magnet

the U.S. Coast Guard is represented

the Army is showing off their hardware


50 feet away - but a world apart - is this display...


new concepts on the drawing boards

and mocked up for the wind tunnels

this is not a real car - yet

but the statistics are exciting!

and a sleek dash of non-conformity

Sunday morning, May 23, 2010

Madolyn is never bored or boring, and she finds something of interest in every situation. As we wandered the Speedway grounds today she turned her attention to photographing the various team uniforms and logos. It was a good time to pay attention to uniforms because today was Armed Forces Day at the track and the military was out in force, wandering the grounds and enjoying themselves.

The army had two all-terrain vehicles on display, and near them was a slick experimental car that looked Mach 2 just sitting there. It was part of an exhibit on the future of Indy cars, and on the wall beside it were several posters showing race car designs being considered for 2012 and beyond. Both the uniforms and the hardware were a study in contrast.

Racing designs for speed and show, wanting to catch the eye and capture our attention. Military designs for just the opposite - using high tech camouflage to disappear and confuse. But both design with danger in mind, and here we find a common denominator.

Both drivers and soldiers are vulnerable to the dangers of impact and fire, and in their efforts to protect themselves each side studies the other. From fire suppression suits to the latest design in protective helmets, this cooperation and common purpose has made for a strong bond between racers and soldiers. Former Indy winner Dan Wheldon is sponsored this year by the National Guard.

Our hearts are with them both, and every time they go to work we wish them a safe return.

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