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one of many rock paintings we saw

'...the painting is of a dodgey White Lady, but you may choose to hike to see it' -Misheck

So off we drove to a place (Bandburg Mountain) where rock paintings about 2500 to 5000yrs old were discovered. Now, most people would decline the offer to hike 2hrs in 43 degree heat at high noon, but our lot is not afraid of a little heat!!!

(ha ha)

So we went to see this 'dodgey' white lady and found that indeed, she IS dodgey. She is a HE! The guy who named the painting called it The White Lady. However, upon closer inspection, the painting is a man. So that's why the guys said she was dodgey.

We stumbled out of the heat finally and were thankful for the spread of cool drinks that awaited us.

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