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Lovely river along our route north

Interstate 40 westbound towards Nashville with Smoky Mtn foothills

Impressive power plant on the Clinch River near the Interstate

Climbing through the foothills

Charming old barn

Now down we goooooooo

Now, that's a farm house !

We are now on county roads northbound

Narrow rural roads cut thought the foothills

Welcome to Kentucky

We are seeing more and more cornfields

Not sure, but I think this is tobacco

If this barn could talk I'm sure there would be a story

Lush green, tall corn stalks

Looks like another tobacco farm

Arriving at Bailey's Point, Corp of Engineers Campground

Our campsite, no sewer, but strong 50 amp to run our two...

Just tie your boat to the shorline below your campsite

Peeking through the north end of the peninsula trees to see the...

Geese along the shore

Lots of fishing going on

Looking up at the campers from the shore

Lots of family fun in the water at this lake

These 3 butterflies were hanging on for dear life in the wind

The swimming area was abandoned when the thunder started

Looking up from shore

There was even sailing on the lake. . .

. . . and jet skiing

Having fun towed behind a ski boat

Pretty scene down by the boat launch ramp

I walked down the 105 steps to the ramp, oh no, now...

Gidget waits patiently while we eat, then she gets a treat for...

We only drove a short distance on an interstate, and most of the time on small rural US & county roads, hilly and tree lined. We weren't sure if we would see a Welcome to Kentucky sign on these small roads, but there it was.

The closest town to our COE campground was to the south east called Scottsville, and it was a very small town surrounded by farmland. Not a very convienant place but lovely bacause we are on the end of a peninsula into the lake, and a very popular vacation spot for families.

We arrived at Bailey's Point on Barren River Lake, KY 30 miles east of Bowling Green, an Army Corp of Engineers campground. The park is beautiful and very reasonable, especially after our 50% discount for using our “Golden Age” Pass that Larry just got in Smokey Mtn Nat’l Park. We are now officially “seniors”.

Over the next few days inbetween touring we walked a little on the loops of the camp sections but it is very hot and very humid. We've had a few thunder storms come through in the evenings and during the night. Oh, and we have fireflies again. Very cool.

The photos are a combination of several days showing the park.

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