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As we left the cattle grazing in the green fields of the panhandle of Texas and entered the arid emptiness that is eastern New Mexico, we began to wish there were more billboards to read. There was nothing but scrub and many of the billboards we did see were empty. We wondered if this was another sign of the current economic depression or if there just wasn't anything going on in the area that was worth advertising. We did see a lot of references to route 66, the historic road folks used to take between Chicago and California. At times we could see this crumbling, narrow road along the expressway. It has a mystique that somehow has passed us by. Looking at old menus and motels that flourished during its heyday don't give us much of a thrill.

During the drive we got an extra hour of daylight entering the Mountain Time zone. Even though Arizona is also on Mountain Time, we will get yet another hour once we get to Flagstaff since it does not observe daylight savings time. However, the Navajos do. Hopefully, we will have these time issues sorted out by the day we drive to Phoenix to pick up our friend Hartmut, flying in from Munich. What a confusing state!

We stopped at a Camping World near the campground to get last minute repair items. For the moment everything is fixed and working. The 90ยบ temperatures gave us a chance to test the air conditioner and it too is working fine. The humidity is so low here, we had no idea that it was hot until we couldn't stop drinking. There's something to be said for dry heat.

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