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Terrance, BC - Ferry Island Campground - Site 45

Glacier Highway 9

Glacier Highway 10

Glacier Highway 11

Glacier Highway 12-The picture on the left was taken last Thursday when...

Yellowhead Highway (16) Westbound 1

Yellowhead Highway (16) Westbound 2

Yellowhead Highway (16) Westbound 3

Yellowhead Highway (16) Westbound 4

Yellowhead Highway (16) Westbound 5

Yellowhead Highway (16) Westbound 6

Yellowhead Highway (16) Westbound 7 - the Skeena River

Yellowhead Highway (16) Westbound 8

Yellowhead Highway (16) Westbound 9 - everything is greener now than it...

No way to get satellite through this!

The Skeena River as it passes alongside the trail

This is called a Nurse Stumps. They are the stumps from a...

Tree Carving 1

Tree Carving 2

Tree Carving 3

Tree Carving 4

Tree Carving 5

Tree Carving 6

Tree Carving 7

Tree Carving 8

Tree Carving 9

Tree Carving 10

Tree Carving 11

Tree Carving 12

Tree Carving 13

Tree Carving 14

Tree Carving 15

Tree Carving 16 - this one is only about three inches in...

Tree Carving 17

Tree Carving 18

Tree Carving 19 - nature's own carving :)

Our trip from Stewart to Terrace, while a good bit in the rain, was really good. The roads are the best we have had since we got on the Marine Ferry back on May 28. It took us a little less than four hours for the 192 mile trip. The scenery could have been better if it hadn’t been raining most of the way but it was still nice, even in the rain. We had the 36 miles of the Glacier Highway again coming back to the Cassier Highway, then we finished the last 95 miles of the Cassier Highway before going back west on the Yellowhead Highway (16) to get to Terrace.

We are camped at the Ferry Island Campground just east of Terrace, BC. It is a municipal campground located on Ferry Island which is a small island created by the Skeena River. We have 20 amp hookups and that is it except WE HAVE CELL SERVICE for a change. I installed the 5.7 GPM Shurflo water pump before we left Florida and it has really performed well in all of our dry camping. We don’t really notice much difference in it and when we are hooked to city water. The campground is really nice with large, heavily shaded sites – no DirecTV while here . We are in a pull-through but they are arranged a little different – two sites, side by side, with the left sides together and the power pole for each on the opposite (wrong) side of the RV. Since it is just electric it works OK, it’s just a little different than I have seen in the past. We also have a picnic table and fire ring so we will probably have a wiener roast and smores before we leave – Doris still has a few of her strawberry marshmallows!

Coming to Terrace caused us to backtrack 60 miles out of the way back towards Prince Rupert but they have a trail we wanted to hike here at the campground. Our reservations for Jasper National Park are eight days away so we had time and it sounded interesting.

We hiked the trail on Tuesday and it was a nice, about two mile walk through the woods. The unique thing about this trail is that a good many of the trees have had carvings made into their bark. For this reason, the forest is also called the “Enchanted Forest.” Some are much more intricate than others and I originally thought more than one artist was involved but one man, Rick Goyette, did them all. It was very interesting and I have included a few pics of some of them but by no means all.

I have an oil change scheduled for the Mothership early Wednesday before we depart for Hazelton. That is the second one of the trip and it should last us until we get back home.

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