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The Oasis

Dune Buggy with Britt and Anthony


Sunset in the Dunes

This tiny little oasis in the desert is surrounded by the highest sand dunes in the world.

It is basically a one street town looping around a central lagoon which is supposed to have curative properties but looked very uninviting so we were not game to find out.

After a busy week in Cuzco and Macchu Pichu and another overnight bus to get here we spent a few days lazying around by the pool in the hostel. One day we set off with Britt and Anthony to go sandboarding in the dunes. A big dune buggy picked us up late in the afternoon and took us into the middle of the dunes. The driver had no fear as he macked over these huge dunes it was like a rollercoaster ride and there were times we were sure we would flip over. Our driver had been navigating these dunes for 20 years so we felt we were in safe hands or at least we hoped we were.

Sandboarding was a lot more difficult than we had thought and much harder to pick up than snowboarding. The sand created a lot of friction and we had to put a lot of wax on the boards to get momentum. Unlike snowboarding there is really no possibility of carving down the hill, and the only option was to go straight down. For the first few dunes this was ok but we went to some gigantic dunes with steep faces well over 150m high. Although other people did fairly well on these we gave it a good try, Alison laying stomach down on the board which was scary enough and Ryan tryed his hardest not to fall over but this was inevitable on such massive dunes. When we got to the bottom we watched others racing down and saw some people take huge falls. Anthony was by far the best in our group and had no trouble (and no fear it seemed) taking on the sand dunes.

After we finished sandboarding we watched the sunset over the dunes and we really felt like we were in the middle of nowhere it could have been the Sahara desert the desert was so huge. A few photos later we were heading back to the oasis screaming along in the dune buggy trying not to lose our stomachs.

A few days later Britt and Anthony left on a bus to Lima as they had a flight booked to Central America in a few days time. It was sad to see them go because we had become really good friends travelling together through Bolivia and the south of Peru. Before they left they gave us their travel guide for Peru which came in very handy as well as a jar of peanut butter that was like gold to us and we managed to ration it out to last as long as possible as we savoured a flavour that reminded us of home. We spent a few more days chilling out by the pool before heading north to Lima as well.

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