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Turtles at Silver Springs


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All Gone

I put some pictures and a video up of the shuttle lift off last night because it is taking me so long to write this journal…. So much is going on right now that my mind is boggled. (is that a real word?)

Since our last entry we have gone so many places and in between we have been working hard to get everything in our Tana all cleaned up and ready for the trade-in. Right in the middle of all this, my sweetheart got sick….. Now Bill is not one to complain about much but one day last week while we were out on some errands, he all of a sudden told me that we had to find a Doctor…. He had been feeling awful for the last three weeks and didn’t want to tell me about it until after we got our new RV…… I am soooo pissed at him for this but that is just the way he is…. Well we found a walk in clinic and were so fortunate…… The Dr. on duty was wonderful…. So good that we both want him for our Florida Doctor from now on….. Within an hour after going into the clinic, Dr. Cunningham had taken blood tests and had given Bill a extensive examination….. He tried to relieve our anxiety but made an appointment for the next morning for an Ultra Sound followed by a visit to an Urologist……. The results of these tests called for another Ultra Sound and then another visit to the Urologist….. Today I am happy to say that the results are very good and we can travel without fear but must go every three month for more Ultra Sounds… Our biggest fear was of cancer but we have been assured that it is a cyst that is not malignant. I think I shed at least 10 lbs of worry at that moment and I know that Bill felt wonderful. He gave us all the paper work for when we get back to the Doctor in Minnesota and we have another appointment when we come back here in the fall. … For now we will not do surgery.… The awful nausea that he was feeling was from a ulcer that was dormant for several years, popping up again with the stress…… Dr. Cunningham gave him a prescription and it is working great….. Well, that’s the best news and we have more……

In between all the appointments, we kept real busy. That is so much better than sitting home worrying, don’t you? We made a trip to the Marion Market, lunch in the Villages, wii bowling on Friday night and a busy, busy Saturday….. We had another concert at Silver Springs Park. This time it was John Michael Montgomery. We had to leave a little early to get home and decorate our golf cart for the Mardi Gras Parade that we participated in at our park… What a fun time.

Following the parade, we had a Shrimp Boil at the main hall followed by a dance…. It was super….. They served about 160 dinners of shrimp or chicken and the band was awesome….. We did leave a lot earlier than norm that night though…. We were just too tired to stay and the high 80’s all week was catching up with us…. Our time at the concert was in the direct sun…. Phew… I like being on the beach a whole lot more during these temps.

Sunday we cleaned the Tana again to ready it for our trade in, did some laundry and went to the pool…. It was so beautiful out that we decided to go to dinner with our friends Tony and Dianne….. They had never been to Gator Joe’s and it was a perfect time to show them what this place was….. Perfect…. The gals were out in their bikinis playing volley ball and the guys were in their glory….. Diane and I had a nice walk on the beach after all of us trying Alligator Tails for our appetizers and a nice shrimp scampi dinner…… We walked back to the Tiki Huts just in time to see the shuttle launch about 100 miles from us….

We were all set to pick up our new house on Wednesday in Cocoa Beach but we got an early call from our salesman that told us the Big Sky has not left Indiana yet…. Ooooooh Nooooooo….. Why????

Well by now you all know that we are quite active in the Montana Owners Club (MOC) and this is a very new Montana…. Most of our friends on the MOC are waiting for our report on this new unit….. That makes the President of Montana take a real interest and he does not want it delivered until he has gone over it himself, completely….. He has found a couple of things that he wanted perfected and so we wait…. Is it good? Or is it bad?........ Well of course we want to make sure things are perfect but at the same time, our time is running real short here in Florida….. We had an absolute deadline of March 15th for delivery and we still don’t have a date…. How long can we wait?...... We’ll let you know.

Right now we are getting ready to go off my diet for one night and join the park in a Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner…. Can’t wait….

Happy St Patrick’s Day

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