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Here we go

The Arches




The sea takes its toll on the trees too

Can you see the salmon jumping up the falls?

I'll try to post a video later


Lunch spot of the day- not fancy but great food

It was only about 220 miles to St Anthony thru the Northern Peninsula and the Northern Newfoundland Coasts which are on the Vikings Trail… I took us over eight hours to reach the Triple Falls Campground though because of all the stops we made along the way.. The Arches were a beautiful natural wonder caused by the force of water carving the limestone away from the huge rocks on shore much like the wind did in Arches National Park in Utah.

Next we spent quite a bit of time at the new Salmon Interpretation Center in Hawke’s Bay where we could watch the Atlantic salmon leaping up the “steps” that have been constructed for these fish to get up the waterfalls on the Torrent River to return to the place they were born and complete their life’s cycle. We found this place fascinating and stayed for quite some time. I took a video but am not sure how to edit it with my new computer so it may be awhile before I get to show you that one. It is amazing how strong those salmon are to fight the rushing waters from the falls and swim upstream.

The last 40 miles or so of our ride was through a lot of nothing and would be very boring except for the fact that it is one of the most heavy populated area in North America for moose so you have to keep your eyes open at all times. We only saw one in spite of the stories we have heard of people seeing 30 or 40 in this area.. We must be blind or maybe someone just likes to tell tall tales. The lady at our campground told us that there are three moose living in the park. So far, we haven’t seen them here either….

We have water and electric at our park but no sewer, phone service or wifi so it will be awhile before I post this eat entry but I know of a place in town that I should be able to at least get the story up even if the pictures have to wait for a later time….

Tomorrow we head out for Labrador… Be sure to come with us……

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