2008 Midwest USA travel blog

Sunset over Lake Seminole from RV Door

Same Shot from Door of RV the Next Morning

A Fine Feathered Family Near Lakeshore

Great Blue Heron

Can You See the Alligator (our lake monster!)

Great Blue Heron and Friend

Jim Woodruff Dam on Lake Seminole

Site #24 from the Shoreline

Another View of Site #24

Well, we have arrived at the Eastbank COE campground on the shores of Lake Seminole. We have a great site (#24) that is lakeside and has a nice breeze. Birds and geese are all over the place, as well as the Georgia State Bird - the pesky gnat. The trip over from Jacksonville was uneventful and set up at the site was quick and easy, even the DirecTV dish took less than five minutes to sight in.

We went to look in on Doris' mother in Albany on Tuesday. She had fallen and had a compressure fracture of her spine but is mobile and doing OK with the aid of a few chemicals. We ate lunch together and made sure she had easy to prepare food to last her a while. We also visited some long-time friends for a couple of hours that will also be meeting us in Branson when we get there.

We have spent today getting a lot of little things done on the motorhome that will make life more enjoyable for the next four months. Earlier this morning we saw an alligator crossing the lake towards our side so I decided to try to get closer by going around the lakeshore a little and ran into some feathered friends - a couple of geese with their goslings and a great blue heron (see pictures). I thought huh-oh, potential food for our watery friend. Sure enough he kept getting closer and closer to them but they had their eyes wide open and left the area before he got close enough to do any harm. You can see the one shot of the gator and heron together, though the gator appears to be closer than he really is. He was still about 20 yards away!

I have also included some pictures of our campsite and the views of the lake from the motorhome. A picture of the dam is also included.

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