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Waiting for the long tail boat in Krabi.

Railay beach and backdrop.

I'm not having a no.2 in there!!

Taxi Thai style.

Accommodation in Koh Sok National Park.

Treking in the jungle. Koh Sok.

Lucy emerges out of the cave in one piece..but very wet!

Our first view of our floating accommodation.

Our floating home for the night, Koh Sok.

Bear Grylls.

We arrived in Thailand via boat from Langkawi to Satun and were immediatley accosted by many locals asking us "Where are you going?" ...something we would hear many times in the next few weeks!!

We were squeezed onto a Thai taxi (see picture) and taken to the local bus station where we got a bus to Krabi. Now hardened travellers we had not booked any accommodation in Krabi, so when we got to our chosen guest house as recommended by Lonely Planet we were disappointed to find out it was full...probably beacuse every traveller we see has a copy of lonely planet in their hand!! No worries...we found a place in the end...trudging down the road with our back packs on at 9 at night we came across a cheap would do for one night!

After a long and hot journey we decided to go out for a drink and discovered the best drink of our travels so far...CHANG BEER. At 6.4%, a large bottle soon chilled us out..friends for life!

The next day we caught our first long tail boat of the trip to Railay, this was our first experience of the completley chilled out Thailand vibe, with bamboo huts fitted with low tables and mats with backrest, which were for laying out on, having a drink and watching the world go by...we loved it. We stayed in Railey for 2 nights ..eating, sleeping, sunbathing and drinking..hard life!

Next we took a mini van (actually several..but that is another story)to Koh Sok National Park. This time we had booked ahead. The purpose of our visit was to go trekking in the jungle and stay on a floating raft hut. We booked a 2 day, 1 night trip, with all activities revolving around a massive lake in the park. On the first day we went on a trek through the jungle, to Lucy's delight there were no leeches beacuse it was too dry. We walked for about an hour to a cave, we had been told that we would get a bit wet in the cave but nothing had quite prepared us for the one hour walk through the pitch black caves (lit just by our torches) up to our neck in freezing cold water, hanging onto a rope, manouvering ourselves between rocks with bats overhead. It was a great adventure but we were relieved to come out in one piece! Phew.

That night we slept in the cutest floating huts (see picture). There was even Other activities included swimming in the lake, another trek and trying to catch a glimpse of gibbons.

After our adventure in the National Park we decided to check out one of the islands. .we were going to Koh Tao to do an open water dive course.

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