Exploring Canadian Backroads Coast to Coast 2007 travel blog

An historic cemetary at Londondary, New Brunswick

Backroads along the Fundy Coast, New Brunswick

The Bay of Fundy between St. John Newbrunswick and Digby, Nova Scotia

The Bay of Fundy between St. John Newbrunswick and Digby, Nova Scotia

The day started sunny and warm but soon cooled off and threatened to rain the rest of the day.

We left Fundy National Park and went back to Alma for breakfast to the resturant recommened by our potato guy. Once again he was spot on. A good breakfast at a reasonal price in a small dining room attached to a corner store.

After breakfast we headed back through Fundy park, then took a gravel backroad across country. The roads in this area varied from good gravel to something that resembled riding on a dry riverbed.

There was a maze of roads and trails and evidence of past logging but nothing recent. Janine speculated they must log for fence posts here based on the size of the trees. The only traffic we ran ito was a few ATVs. Some of the roads we were on were likely ATV trails. They were all good fun.

A few miles before reaching the paved road again we came across a small cemetary with very old head stones at a location marked on the GPS as Londondery. We walked around reading the head stones and found most ranged from 1850 to 1908. There was a restored church at the site but nothing else in the area as far as we could tell. It was quite interesting.

Once back on the paved road headed straight to St. John as it was getting really chilly and looked like it might rain any minute. The plan was to go to the ferry terminal to see when they ran and then decide when we would head over to Nova Scotia.

When we arrived at the terminal we were directed into the line and found the ferry would be leaving in 15 minutes. It was starting to rain a little so we quickly decided to get on the ferry. Unfortunately this meant we would not really see St. John and it looked interesting but touring it in the rain was not too appealing.

The ferry ride was 3 hours and pretty smooth although the storm clouds hung over us the whole trip. We arrived at Digby and quickly found a reasonable motel, then a nice little resturant. In the end we never did get rained on. Just lucky I guess.

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