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Sorry to worry some with our lack of updates it has been cause we are having some fun and have been running about. In the last 7 days we have been in Cinque Terre Italy, Avignon France, Barcelona and now Valencia Spain. With a partial train strike and our own ineptness with each countries paricular transportation quirks we have spent a lot of time in trains and train stations.

We have been so happy to get to each place and are always looking forward to the next. We walked the trail for 6 hours in Cinque Terre and ate lunch on a table overhanging the cliff. That night we watched the Americas Cup Race 3 with a couple of expatriots now living in New Zeland. They stopped there after 15 years of living and sailing about. We have an invitation to stay with them to watch the Kiwis when they win. So everyone repeat after me Go New Zeland Go. Thank You!!

We rode on the train to Monacco with a couple from Australia and one from South Africa. We spent hours talking about our different countries and how interesting it was that we were all in that place at that time. It is mostly fun or you try to see humor in things.

When you are in a train for hours with a particulary smelly man there is not a lot you can do. I watched these two Japanese girls strain in their seats every time this man who sat behind then moved about. They would breath into their hands or fan the air or laugh and roll forward in there seats. Some smells are too strong for words.

We made it to Avignon late in the day and a train strike meant that we would have the next morning to explore. After coffee and french pastry at a sidewalk cafe we walked the old wall of the city along the river until we got to the Roman ruins. Reaching Barcelona late that day and walking up Las Ramblas to our hotel we were able to see the circus that this part of town is. We were able to find some nice refuge from the craziness.

We had dinner at a restaurant called Luz de Gas (insert joke here) as the sun set. And it was a great place to have tapas and wine but just leave your shoes on. The Gaudi church called Sagrana Familia is a remarkable structure. This man takes conventional architecture and turns it literally on its head. What he gets is a signature design that makes you smile. He had a true devotion to his craft and to God and that made all the difference. At the end of the day we still had to walk by the ladies who sounded like guys and kinda looked like guys asking for things in Spanish I'm glad I didn't understand.

Valencia is now our home for 7 nights. It is almost like a vacation. This is a Big city and we are learning the transit system rapidly cuz our feet are killing us. We have enjoyed spending the last 2 days at the America Cup port. We sit in a hanger with the New Zealand fans who wear flags and sing songs and cheer with vigor. There's just the right mixture of billionaires and por folk so we feel right at home (confused). That's where we'll be tomorrow sitting in the 'woodshed' screaming at the widescreen tv and enjoying another day on the trail.

We are going to put pics in and want to wish you all a great 4th. Thanks for the e-mails and all the prayers. We still are talking to each other too! Happy B-day Mom!!!

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