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None of us had trouble getting his rig off the wet grass and onto the road so it was a short driving day of only 120 miles to the outskirts of Tampico. Most of the drive was similar to yesterday's with the two lane road and wide shoulders, but we really closed down one little town as we crept through. The road in Gonzalez was narrow and potholed and in some places the drop down from the pavement was a few feet. We drove 5 - 10mph and blocked everyone who lived in that town from getting anywhere. It was Sunday morning and no one appeared to be terribly inconvenienced. Instead we got smiles and waves and long looks of wonderment. Vendors were selling some yummy looking pineapples and oranges. Honey was also advertised. However, there was simply no place for a parade as large as ours to stop and shop.

Apparently there are no campgrounds in Tampico, so we find ourselves "boondocked" in a large parking lot behind a motel. The motel has a lovely outdoor pool, but it's still a bit cool for swimming although the rain has thankfully stopped. A large palapa (thatched roof covered area) nearby was a perfect spot for our daily social hour. Our leaders don't want to call it a happy hour, although some of us are quite happy by the end. At the social hour we get our instructions for the next day and it is best to have all your faculties as this critical information is relayed. We are parked in a large semi circle - it makes me think of circling the wagons, so we are parked in and couldn't unhitch our truck and go anywhere if the mood hit. Our leaders went to the spot where the campground they used to stay. It's now a gated community. So goes the world. We can look forward to staying in this parking lot again on our way back north when we will retrace our steps to a certain extent.

Regrettably we have already lost TV reception through the satellite. I was not expecting this to be the case so early in the trip, but when I look at the map we are considerably farther south than we were on our last Mexican adventure, so it does make sense. Perhaps we will regain our signal when we enter the Yucatan Peninsula which will bring us east and north again. After 44 days we news junkies are going to feel like Robinson Crusoe coming back to the mainland after a stint on Treasure Island. Here's hoping we can hang on to the internet.

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