Anthony and Erica on the road to Mandalay 2006 travel blog

My Son in the rain

Wet ruins at My Son

Bits of My Son lying around

My Son

Japanese Bridge, Hoi An

River? road?

Old Chinese house

Arty flood picture

Old shophouse, Hoi An

A flood won't stop lunch

Mosaic dragons, Hoi An

Flooded market

Typhoon Durian has swept past just south of here, killing dozens of people and generally wrecking the place. The wind here has dropped, but it has rained like nobody's business all day so far. I have already had to change all my clothes once, and am now sitting in an internet place looking at the torrential rain and preparing to get soaked again.

This morning I went off to look at some picturesque ruins near here, of the old Champa Kingdom's Hindu temples. The journey there by bus was a bit of a trial, as was the torrential rain, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Angkor or Bagan it wasn't, but it is still picturesque, and the way it is half covered in vegetation makes it feel like you have just discovered it, despite the large group of Chinese tourists in the background who have also just discovered it. It would have been less of a ruin, mind you, if the Americans hadn't bombed it so much in the war.

The rain was unbelievable, I was tempted to just hole up in my hotel and read, but such a waste! However, in a slight lull I did whip down to the river to look at the flooding, which no-one seemed that concerned about. The rain seems to be slackening off...

I had a lovely meal this evening. There are a lot of two-story small restaurants in the narrow streets of the old town of Hoi An, with loads of lit Chinese lanterns hung in the front of them, swinging in the breeze, very picturesque, though I rarely take my camera out in the evenings, so no pictures. I sat on the balcony of one of them (quite a posh place, all hardwood beams and Chinese writing from the old days), watching the world go by and having great local scoff, extremely tasty, though not entirely sure what it all was. 5 different dishes, two bottles of lager and tip came to just over two quid. Can't complain at that, can you? And the rain is slackening, though too late for my footwear, all of which is completely saturated. Still, moments of contentment and pleasure like on that balcony make it all worthwhile.

6:12:06 Got up early to explore the Old Town better now that the weather has improved a bit. Lots of nice stuff to see, but interesting that not only has it flooded more since yesterday, but in the space between about 8 am and 11 another whole block beside the river was flooded, making two blocks only reachable by boat. The locals didn't seem to mind, just got their boats out the garage and carried on. Sent most of my Xmas cards, now lunch, airport and Cambodia!

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