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Sunrise on day 4

Rick & Sherry relaxing on the balcony

Preparing to dock in Ketchikan

Eagle in rainforest

Ed feeding the reindeer

Creek Street

Preparing King Crab

Scene in Ketchikan

Coast Guard escorting us out of the port


We are having internet problems this morning. It took nearly 15 minutes to get the two pictures of my "normal" entry, uploaded. If I don't get pictures uploaded for this entry, I will continue to try until we get them for you.

We sailed on Monday and today's entry is covering the day at sea, which was on Tuesday.

We were awake at 7 AM and had ordered breakfast with room service. There was a soft knock on our door at 7:35 AM and we shared our breakfast of coffee, juice, croissants, fruit, and yogurt on the balcony. The temperatures were cool but not cold, while the sky was overcast and the sea was a bit rough but not too bad.

After breakfast, Rick had already been to the gym to work out and the girls were going shopping, so I decided to shoot some hoops at the basketball court on deck 15. Of course, the court has a net on all four sides as well as overhead. Can't have those basketballs escaping can we!

The problem with the overhead net is that it is so low that you cannot shoot from any farther than the free throw line, or you risk the ball hitting the net. Either that, or shoot line drive shots and hope for the best. At least I worked up a sweat and managed to hit nine out of ten free throws, several times.

Then it was back to the room for a shower, and some exploring around the ship. I skipped lunch and began to not feel well. I think the ship motion was getting to me. I dressed for dinner in the evening but decided not to eat. They had Alaskan Salmon for dinner and I hated to miss that but chose instead to return to the cabin and go to bed.

This was the fifth cruise for us and I have never been sick, but the motion made me feel dizzy and I chose to sleep rather than take a chance on anything bad happening. :)

I slept great and felt fine by the next morning.

I want to post some pictures for you, taken on board the ship, between Vancouver and Ketchikan. I am hoping the internet will work for that.

If you don't see pictures with this entry, please check back because they will get posted eventually.

When we awoke it was daylight. We noticed that the sun came up early in the morning and didn't set until nearly 10 PM.

The view from our balcony was of beautiful mountains, with waterfalls, as we sailed into Ketchikan. Awesome scenery!!

The scenery in Alaska, as in many other places in this wonderful world, is too beautiful to describe, and pictures do not do justice to the grandeur which surrounds you.

We had land tours scheduled today so we had a quick breakfast and then got ready to go.

We toured the rainforest and wildlife sanctuary, seeing too many bald eagles to count.

We then walked the famous "Creek Street", which was infamous in the old days. Once the red light district, it now houses quaint little shops and eating places. I decided to order King Crab legs, which Sherry, Marilyn and I shared while standing at a little counter, outdoors on Creek Street. Rick can't eat some seafood so he passed on the crab.

Our cell phone worked great from here and we called Jen to talk with her.

We returned to the ship, showered and dressed for dinner. We agreed to meet Rick & Sherry in the wheelhouse bar for a drink before dinner. Marilyn and I enjoy a margarita, and those on board the ship were excellent. We also enjoyed listening to the live music in the wheelhouse lounge, while enjoying quiet conversation with these good friends.

Dinner was great! It was Italian night but I asked if I could order salmon since I had missed dinner the night before. Sure! There is never a problem getting anything you want, on these cruises. The staff was wonderful!

So I had the salmon for dinner, but could not pass up the tirimisu for desert.

After this delicious dinner, we went to the theater to watch another comedian, who made us laugh until our eyes watered. Then it was off to bed. A great day!

Now it is time to try to get some pictures posted for you. Here goes!

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