Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog


This morning I was up early so I could get a few things done before heading south to the Canyon Trails RV Resort outside San Marcos for the monthly campout of Cen-Tex LoW. First, I got a much-needed haircut. What a relief to get that mop of hair trimmed!

Then I picked up my Olympus digital camera at CompUSA. It seems to be working just fine since it was repaired. The mode dial and the shutter button had to be replaced. I hope it won't malfunction again. Now, at least, I have the Fuji digital camera, too. Surely they both won't decide to turn up their toes at the same time.

The last two errands were filling my propane tank and stocking up on groceries. I arrived at the campground around mid-afternoon. It was so good to see all my camping pals again. The campground is between San Marcos and New Braunfels.

Tonight we had our potluck Christmas dinner. What a feast it was! We had turkey, ham, dressing, giblet gravy, sweet potatoes, various salads and vegetables and, of course, plenty of desserts. I took cranberry sauce, some snacks for happy hour and some eggnog.


Today I went to New Braunfels with several others. I looked for a pair of red Keds to replace my old worn-out ones, but found a purse instead in a color that I have been wanting for a long time, so I snapped it up. Still no red shoes.

Right before happy hour, we had our regular business meeting. Our officers for 2007 were installed and Georgia was honored as Camper of the Year. She certainly deserved it. Later the whole group had a wonderful dinner at Cracker Barrel, which is one of my favorite restaurants.


This morning we received some very sad news. One of our former members, Helen, had just passed away due to cancer. The last time we had seen her, we were encouraged at the progress she had made. She was feeling well and had gained back some of the weight she had lost. Now, all of a sudden, she had taken a turn for the worst. We are thankful that she no longer is suffering. Her husband, John, also is a former member of the club. They had "committed matrimony" in November 2005 but had kept in touch with us and had even visited our campouts two or three times.

This afternoon I went shopping with three others at the San Marcos Outlet Mall. Again I searched for red Keds but found none. I did get some white ones and some navy ones, though, to replace my old battered ones. At least I was partially successful.

Tonight we ate leftovers from Thursday night's feast. It all still tasted good to me.


On the way back to Georgetown today I stopped in Austin to pick up my mail -- and such a stack it was, too! I visited with some of my former neighbors for a few minutes. I really miss my old neighborhood and am hoping to get a place back there soon. Berry Springs RV Park is very nice but it is at the northern edge of Georgetown and seems so far away from everything. I really prefer to live in the city, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

And so ends a week end of mixed feelings.

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