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View from Keno Hill

K and Nizhoni at Signpost.

R and Nizhoni at Signpost.

Nizhoni loved the snow!

Marker (marks claim site) and Signpost on Keno Hill.

A still inhabited cabin at Keno.

Church turned library at Keno.

Richard (and I) on the Cinnamon Bun Trail :)

Day 10: Friday, 28 July 2006

Whitehorse to Stewart Crossing, YT

The drive to Stewart Crossing was dusty and bumpy, and fairly uneventful. The scenery is more beautiful each day, and you could spend lots of time at the turn-outs checking out the views and reading the historic markers. There are also plenty of Provincial Campgrounds, most of which are best suited to small RVs or tents. However, although we see plenty of them, there are literally thousands of grizzlies up this way - I feel much better with something substantial between me and the bear.

After we got to the campground at Stewart Crossing, Richard and I went on a recommended side trip to Mayo and Keno. Boy was that worthwhile! We were the only ones in the group to go (it's a pretty rough trip), but it was well worth it. The road to these little towns is called the Silver Trail (because the majority of the mining was silver, and later gold). The man that Mayo is named after is from Maine. Although Mayo (which was still on paved road) was good to see (I particularly liked the nursing and medical items in their museum), Keno was terrific. The road to Keno was long, rough, all dirt, and fun. There are only 16 people left in the town, but they sure are something! We could only have a short visit in the main part of the museum (they've pretty much turned the whole town into a museum). We had a fun time with the woman who was volunteering for the day - and, at her suggestion, we drove up to the top of Keno Hill to visit the 'signpost'. What a view - outstanding. The signpost is 3000 feet higher than the town, and pretty much level or above the surrounding mountains. There were still patches of snow up there - Nizhoni loved that and played for quite awhile. Lovely little Alpine flowers, mosses and lichen, and other good things. There were only a few other people up there (hardy young souls camping there - biking up the miles of hill road with their gear on their backs!) When we finally got back to camp at 9PM - still bright daylight, might I add, we had a delicious, real(!), turkey dinner in the little restaurant at the campground. Good end to a super day. So, Keno and the Float Plane ride are the big Boucher hits of the trip, so far. And, yes, we could call this trip up here the 'Cinnamon Bun Trail' - it seems every little town has a place that sells 'world famous cinnamon buns'. We haven't quite tried them all - but we've done our share :)

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