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Courtyard and church of the AG estancia

The church

Archways are loved

Che Guevera's house

Second estancia of the day was south of Cordoba in the small city of Alta Gracia. We got off the bus in a torrential rainfall and after a quick dash found cover in the ticket office and small museum.

Although not as picturesque as Jesus Maria (probably because of its city centre location) the Alta Gracia complex was impressive all the same and with many more rooms than its northern counterpart. There was a lot more explanation here as well which gave us greater insight into the life and times of the Jesuits.

After exploring all the inner and outer buildings and the church of the estancia we headed to the childhood home of Che Guevera, now a museum about the revolutionary Argentinian. Ernesto 'Che' Guevera or as they knew him as a small boy 'Ernestito' lived here for most of his younger years until the ripe old age of fourteen. The rooms of the house now showcase pictures of his life and the museum was really good and informative.

Halfway though our tour we were stunned by huge hailstones, some as big as melons which just seemed to fall from the sky. Ten minutes of a horror shower continued before the sky completely cleared. We think more than one car window must have been smashed. Quite freaky to say the least!

After all this activity we headed back to Cordoba for a well earned beer and food which will hopefully provide no problems to my now delicate stomach.

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