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As most of you loyal readers already know, I have a reputation for taking folks to places which are closed when we arrive.

Let me tell you about today!

Marilyn & I were up and ready to go by 5:30 this morning.

We backed out of the drive exactly at 5:45 AM…….Then returned to the RV a few minutes later to retrieve Marilyn’s water and special thermos cup. We did pull out of the Campground onto Hwy 79 right at 6:00 AM.

The trip to Sioux Falls, SD, went smoothly and we arrived at the Fairfield Inn, just off of 41st street, before 2:00 PM.

We had hoped that we would have time to get Marilyn’s drivers license renewed today, and were elated that we did indeed have time to do that, instead of waiting until the office opened tomorrow morning.

We didn’t even go to our room after checking in at the Hotel, but simply drove directly to the location for the Driver’s License Office, which I had stored in my GPS.

We were shocked to see the place all locked up with no signs about relocating to a different location at all.

We went next door to an “Edward D Jones” office and spoke to the receptionist, who gave us directions to the new location for the DL Office.

We drove about 15 minutes and found the place we were looking for, then stood in line waiting our turn for service.

When Marilyn was called forward, she was told that we needed another document from “Dakota Post”. The two photo ID documents, passport and driver’s license, weren’t enough because we had changed our mailing address when “Alternative Resources” became “Dakota Post”.

I quickly called the new mail forwarding facility and they said they would have the required document ready for us by the time we drove over to pick them up.

Another 40 minutes passed before we were back, standing in line again, with all the required, correct, paperwork.

Then we had to sit for nearly another hour before Marilyn was called for her eye test and photo, before she was issued a new license.

By the time we finished it was dinner time, so we decided on the “Texas Roadhouse”.

Now we are back in our Hotel room, which is quite nice.

At last, after a long, sometimes frustrating day, we can say that Life is Good!

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