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Colonial estancia architecture

The central courtyard

The kitchen

Church top and bells

The living quarters

Today is all about Jesuits. A name that we had heard of but had no real understanding. We now know that they were an order of the Roman Catholic church created in reponse to Lutherism (still don't know anything about that) and they were sent out to newly colonised territories, such as Argentina, to spread Catholocism and education. The prospect of scrambling around ruins was what inspired Danny to get us on a bus out to the town of Jesus Maria. When we arrived we found the tourist info office was closed. a sign politely informed us that it was open on the first ten days of each month.

Luckily a friendly taxi driver was happy to drive us the short distance out to the Estancia which the Jesuit missionaries had built as a farm, vineyard, pottery, mill so as to fund there religious and educational works.

The Estancia, a two story building set around a grassy courtyard had friendly staff who positively encouraged us to break the ban on photography (sorry have run out of space for photos on the site at the mo and waiting for an upgrade). It was wonderfully cool looking around the buildings whose walls were 3ft thick and each of the rooms contained furniture or artefacts from its heyday.

Of course it was the toilets that got us most excited. Beautiful longdrops with a stream running underneath. Some lucky archaelogists got the job of excavting them in the 70s and their finds, including an smashed English teaset, are showcased.

In the grounds of the Estancia is a lake complete with friendly ducks which kept a careful eyeout for crumbs as we picnicked in the shade of the big old trees. Once we had filled up on ham baguettes and media lunas, with Danny grumbling that there were no ruins, we fed them the remains and got very cross when they turned there beaks up at our lovely croissants. Spoilt ducks.

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