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Tammy and Cassidy got here Sunday evening. Of course we thought Tammy drove way to fast because they got here in a little over 4 hours. Was so good to see them. It has been eight months since we saw them. Of course Cassidy has grown alot.

Monday we went to Incline Railroad, Rock City, and Ruby Falls. Well I should say they, Tammy Cassidy and Donald, went and I sat in the truck or on a bench. Donald said to Tammy I told you she wouldn't do anything. I just can't do it.

Tuesday we went to the Aquarium. There is two different building so that took most of the afternoon. Oh and we rode the FREE shuttle from the Choo Choo hotel to downtown. The first time we rode it years ago we couldn't believe it was free. Had a fire and roasted hot dogs.

Wednesday we went to the 3D I Max and saw a movie about sharks. Stopped at the Moon Pie store. It was interesting. Had all kinds of candy we use to eat years ago. The weather has been beautiful this week. In the high 70's and yesterday it was 81. Today it won't be quite that warm because it is surpose to be cloudy but the sun is shining now.

It is amazing how fast this week and this year has gone. Going to go though the cave here at the camp ground today and maybe just have a lazy day tomorrow.

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