Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Cousin Joyce Loveall and Daughter Brenda Walker

My Site in Orange Grove RV Park

This morning I was off to Bakersfield to visit cousin Joyce, her daughter Brenda and her son Randy and their families. The drive was boring due to the sameness of the scenery – vineyards and more vineyards – and it seemed long. Occasionally, there was a fruit or nut orchard to break the monotony.

I arrived at the RV park a little after noon. The first thing I did was hook up to the electricity and turn on the air conditioner! Then I called Brenda to tell her I had arrived. She invited me over for lunch, so I hurried to finish my chores. I had a nice visit with her and Joyce. Brenda painted a mural on their living room wall -- or maybe I should say "is in process of painting" the mural. She still needs to add detail on the left side of it. It is very well done.

Tonight I decided that it was high time to defrost my refrigerator. I can’t remember when I last did it. There was an overabundance of ice in the freezer. This is not one of my favorite chores.


Route: CA 99 S to Bakersfield => Exit 24 to CA 58 E => Edison Road

Total Miles Driven: 142

Weather Conditions: Very hot and dry

Road Conditions: Good four-lane divided all the way

Gasoline Price: $3.179 at Bakersfield

RV Park: Orange Grove RV Park, Bakersfield

Park Conditions: Very nice. In an actual orange grove. Free WiFi.

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