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The car had its service on Monday which weather wise was not much of a day.

By Tuesday the weather had improved but was quite humid. We headed along the river to continue our exploring. There are roads on both side of the river and roads that climb the hills so it was a bit mix and match according to how the mood took us.

We started the morning by enjoying a walk along the river at the small hamlet of Wehlen. There was an eerie mist on the hills due to the humidity.

At the village of Urzig we not only explored the village with its half timbered houses but also drove up the hill behind the village to once again get a view down on the river.

As we came to the village of Krov we noticed a road sign giving a restriction of no buses or trucks over 12 tons ahead and giving an alternative route to Traben-Trarbach. (We are 15 tons) Our plan was after we had explored the lower part of the Mosel was to move the coach to another stellplatz further up the river along the river road. We decided to explore the truck route as we not only had to climb out of the valley but come back in again. The diversion route was interesting to say the least and the route in Traben-Trarbach required going through a 4m bridge with a sharp turn after.

As our day had gone to pieces we decided we might as well go and have a look at the stellplatz in Neef we had identified as we had read reviews that had said that the pitches were on grass not gravel as stated in our stellplatz directory. It turns out that it was all grass with no hardstandings. There was no way we were going there as we had heard a number of tales of smaller motorhomes (less than 3.5 t) having to be towed off various stellplatzs along the river after it had rained. With the change of route as well we decided we would stay where we were and have longer days out.

We drove back through Traben-Trarbach and took the restricted route back. We discovered they were building a completely new bridge and were using a minor old bridge to divert traffic. Hence the restriction.

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