We arrived in France early this morning..

View of the city..

The fountain show tonight was "Singing in the Rain"... it was cool..

We had shrimp salad tonight in the International Cafe...

The show tonight was awesome..

Last one!

We arrived in Le Harve, France early this morning. Le Harve is very close to historic Normandy and about three hours from Paris. A lot of people took the Paris tour, it was a three hour drive there and back with only a couple of hours in town. We have been to Paris before, so we passed.

We enjoyed seeing the city of Le Harve and enjoyed activities on the ship including the Watercolor Fantasy show at the pool. This is the only ship we have been on with the fountain show, it is really cool. This one was done to "Singing in the Rain" by Gene Kelly plus "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" by DJ Thomas. The dinner tonight was Bavarian. We decided to eat lighter and went to the International Cafe for shrimp salad, it was delicious. We saw another great show after dinner called The Magic Hotel, done by David Cats, it was awesome. We will be at sea all day tomorrow, check back later for more. Photos will be added later.

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