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I was up a few minutes after 3:00 AM this morning. I started the coffee, then headed to the shower.

Marilyn waited until I was finished in the bathroom and all dressed, before she climbed out of bed.

As agreed with Eddie & Jan, we packed our stuff in the truck at a quarter to five, and pulled out of the resort in the darkness just a couple of minutes after 5:00 AM.

Seventy five miles later, we were going around the west side of Denver and was soon in the town of Golden, Colorado.

We were all impressed with the beauty of the scenery as we drove along on the way to Estes Park.

Almost exactly 4 hours after leaving Mountaindale RV Park, we stopped at the Big Horn Restaurant for a delicious breakfast, which we all enjoyed.

Then, fully fueled up, we were ready for the day of fun and adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Showing my Senior Pass, which we lovingly call a "Geezer Pass", at the Park Entrance, we drove into the park, pointing out different landmarks as we went along.

In spite of the cloudy sky with light rain, we decided to drive the "Old Fall River Road", a one way, single lane, 7 mile long, gravel road, up to the Alpine Visitor's Center, located along Trail Ridge Road at an elevation above 11.000' in elevation.

We spied a herd of elk in the meadow below the visitor's center. There were between 30 and 40 elk in the beginning but a few more appeared as the herd began moving.

We drove the paved Trail Ridge Road back to Estes Park, making a few stops to take pictures along the way.

Once we arrived back in town, we checked in at our resort, Deer Crest, for a two night stay.

The water of the Fall River rushing past our rooms, lulled us into an easy sense of relaxation as I stretched out on the comfortable bed.

Later, Eddie & Jan suggested that we go pick up some BBQ at Smoking Dave's BBQ, and bring it back to the resort, where we all sat down together at a table on our patio, for a tasty meal of BBQ.

After dinner we sat together in comfortable chairs beside the river, watching the family of three fully grown marmots playing among the rocks only a few feet away from where we sat.

After this nice dinner and the relaxation beside the river, it seemed that we were all a bit drowsy, so we headed off to our rooms.

This has been a wonderful day and we have another day of fun on the agenda for tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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