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We left the Duchy of Luxembourg and headed back into Germany. Before leaving the Duchy we filled up with diesel as it was significantly cheaper per litre. To get to the stellplatz we had identified we travelled from Trier alongside the Mosel River. On each side there was vineyard after vineyard on the surrounding steep hillsides.

We arrived in Minheim and found the stellplatz right on the banks of the Mosel. Although we were too large for the front sites right on the water we found one we just back and still had a good view of the water. We got ourselves set up. This took a bit longer than normal as firstly the electricity had the old type two pin European plug (fortunately we had an adaptor) and secondly when we tested the first and then second socket them both had reverse polarity. The third a bit further away was fine. Later we put our brain in gear and realised that if we reversed the two pin plug in the original sockets the polarity would be right!

We had commented as we had driven along that the Mosel seemed quiet with no boats. In talking to a German couple (who had excellent English and had an old American RV) that the Mosel and Rhine had been closed to river traffic (except local) due to high water levels and flooding in south eastern Germany. They also said that they were there as this was one of the few stellplatz on the Mosel which did not flood as and therefore where they kept their RV during the winter. No wonder it had hard standing and very good infrastructure.

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