Dave Steph Aussie Loop 2012 travel blog

Looking back at the fog as we left Jindabyne

Steph doing the dishes after a coffee at Tom Groggin R/A

One of the warning signs on the road over/ through the Snowy...

The crystal clear creek alongside the Geehi Rest Area

Part of the path at Geehi Rest Area

Dave, after walking up a steep 200mt hill to Scammell's lookout

Some of the Autumn colours of the Khancoban

Some of the scenery along the road.

Monday 28th April

Woke this morning to a very heavy fog. This concerned me even more than I already was. (I didn't sleep that well last night a bit worried about the trip through the Snowy"s)

When I saw the fog I started looking for another way over/through the snowy mountains. There is no easy way through. I went and spoke to the ladies at the Information Centre, they assured me that the fog was lifting in the mountains (actually showed me the shots from the cameras at Thredbo). So I decided that we would still go over the Alpine Highway.

Packed the caravan up and headed of at 9.30am. Got to Thredbo without a problem, from here the road goes down hill and very steep. At one stage there is a warning of steep decent for 8kms, by the time we got to the bottom we stopped at a rest stop called Tom Groggin's Rest Area. I needed to do this because the brakes were starting to get very hot and were smelling a lot. So we stopped for a coffee and rest and a short walk around the area, where we spotted a kangaroo, which decided to hop towards us to check us out, thankfully he stopped about 15 meters away from me, he was huge.

A bit further along the road there is another steep decent for 7kms. Again we stopped at a rest area to give the car a spell and took a walk along the Swampy Plain Creek. This rest area is called Geehi Rest Area. We were very surprised with this area as there was paved pathways alongside a river. There was also toilets and BBQ areas. If it was later we would of stopped here for the night, but as it was only 1.30pm I wanted to keep going. Steph would of been happy to free camp the night there.

We kept going towards Corryong, where we stopped and had a small lunch, we love the views of this countryside, the rest areas are mostly well set out and although Steph's willing to stop in one for the night, I am more interested in staying in caravan park so while she checks out a couple of the local shops, I called a caravan park in Albury-Wodonga to book a bay for two nights.

After a drive of about 140kms we arrived at the Caravan Park at 5 pm. I need to replace the two rear tyres on the car as they are almost bald, Steph has said seeing it will be a stay at the van day, she will do all the washing and a more thorough van clean.

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