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We loaded the car in the dark this morning and left Mountaindale RV Resort at 10 minutes after 5:00 AM.

Exactly two hours later we were north of Denver on I-25, making good time. Then the traffic came to a dead stop on the Interstate.

Luckily the halt didn’t last very long and we were moving again.

We stopped just 20 miles south of the Wyoming state line for breakfast and a large coffee, at a McDonalds.

They do have excellent coffee.

We drove next door when our breakfast was finished, to fuel the car so that we would not have to stop again before reaching our destination in Custer, SD.

On the road once again, we remained on I-25 until just south of Douglas, WY, where we turned east in Hwy 18.

We topped a small hill and saw that traffic was stopped entirely.

As we moved closer we could see what appeared to be an accident.

We stopped and got out of the car to take a look.

We noticed what appeared to be two bodies in the road, then noticed a motorcycle in the ditch.

A pretty young lady in the car behind us ran forward, explaining to me that she was an EMT. She had left her car running with the windows down so, after a while, I turned her car off, then still later, I moved it to the side of the road, making room for the emergency vehicles. Once the ambulances had arrived, tended to the injured people, and transported them to a hospital, the young EMT returned and I explained to her what I had done with her car.

She thanked me and I thought she was going to give me a hug for a moment but no such luck. LOL

We then continued our journey and arrived at Beaver Lake Campground just a few miles west of Custer, right at 1:30 PM.

Eight hours and 20 minutes of driving, with several delays, the last one lasting 30 or 40 minutes, so we made good time for our trip.

The 80 MPH speed limit in Wyoming and 65 to 75 MPH speed limit in other places helped out for sure.

We checked in and then drove to Mike & Marian’s Site, where we exchanged hugs and visited for a short time.

We then drove to our cabin where we unloaded the car before driving in to town to find a place to eat some lunch.

We found nothing beyond mediocre but must admit that we didn’t look very long. We just looked for a place that was open. LOL

We are now resting but will head back over to Mike & Marian’s place after while.

It is so nice to see these good friends again.

Life is Good!

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