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The toilet had been fixed on Monday. The waste ball had stuck to the seal due to the build up of hard water crud on the seal. Fortunately we had a spare seal so that was replaced and the toilet was now working properly again. Thank goodness!

Today we went east to the area called “Little Switzerland”. After a few panoramic views and a few diversions due to road closures (which we found was a common occurrence in the Duchy) our first stop was the small town of Beaufort. Although the town itself had little to offer in the valley below stood Beaufort Castle. The castle was built in four stages between the 12th and 16th centuries so a mixture of styles. From the castle we took a lovely walk through the forest and along a gorge then the path took us above the gorge back to our car.

From there we made our way towards Berdorf. The town sits high on the plateau area but on the road up the gorge we came across some interesting rock formations. We stopped and explored them for a while the trail taking us through narrow gaps between large rocks and the sun and tree shade giving some interesting effects on the rocks. Daisy was really fascinated by this strange landscape.

Our final explore of the day was in Larochette. Here we climbed up to the ruined castle high on a rocky ridge above the town. Skirting below the castle wall we could see the solid rock on which the castle had been built. The castle may now be a ruin but the rock on which it stands certainly wasn’t going anywhere. The town also in its history had a thriving weaving industry depicted by a display in the old station building.

This part of the Duchy had a more rugged under pin. A great area to walk and explore.

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