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We had a good time in Cusco. The main square, Plaza de Armas, has a nice fountain at the centre. All around, it is flanked by shops and restaurants.

This morning, we woke early and took our bags down to the lobby. We were allowed to pack 7kg into a duffel bag that was provided for us. These bags would be carried by the porters. We were also told that of the 7kg, we would have to reserve 2kg for our sleeping bag. Hmmmmmm.... I really hope it's not a Canadian Tire special!! You know, the ones that roll into the size of a hay bail?!

Our group is a lot of fun. There are 14 of us -7 girls, 7 guys, of which 6 are Canadians, 2 Americans, 1 Austrian, 1 Italian, 2 Kiwis, and 2 Irish. The average age is late 20s and there are 3 couples.

Went to 2 Inca sites today. Really impressive what they did back then. All the main temples and commercial buildings (they guess) were all done with HUGE rocks,all fitting into each other with knotches and such carved into the rock. The edges were all sanded so they were rounded, and the wall was flushed in a straight line as compared to the lower class buildings, which were made of stone in a helter skelter pattern and slapped together with clay as plaster. They also had a series of waterways all carved into rock and dug into the ground. So every now and again, you would get a small fountain, with water falling out of a a spout formed by one waterway at a top level, falling into a pool and continuing onwards across 'town' by another waterway.

Also stopped off at a couple of markets along the way. They were all very colourful and fun to visit.

Tomorrow, we have an early start. We leave for the Inca Trail at 6am, and it is a steady climb the entire day. Hope the weather holds!!!! Just in case, we picked up some cheap rain ponchos in Cusco. Can't wait to hit the trail!!!!

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