Wow, it's like Dejevu' all over again... Ok, you noticed we have bounced back and forth a little this month and there will be more of that thru this month. That is an effort to save money. Since we don’t pay anything more than our annual maintenance fee it’s inexpensive to stay at our Thousand Trails Preserves. Knowing that we’ll be hit with higher camping fees while in the northeast states, we’re saving now for that eventuality.

Most of the “snowbirds” are gone, or going, from these southern parks we’re able to get right into a FHU site (full hook-up). While this preserve was nearly full last time we were here, now it's just over half full. Sooooo, like many snowbirds still here, we’re waiting for the weather up north to get alittle warmer. We just don’t have a house, farm or business to get to. We’ll just bide our time here while the temperatures rise and the sun shines.

The main reason we came back here though, is to attend the Passion Play. It's a world class event put on right here in Wauchula, FL. It's not expensive and the ratings are very high for this production. More on our experience the day after we see it.

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