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To Dawson Creek, BC

Kichlines and VanArsdalls leaving the campground behind us

Climbing as soon as we left the campground

Seeing several lenticular clouds

We startled this deer

But we still caught a photo of her

More lenticular clouds

Wide open view ahead

Descending now with a butte in the distance

Crossing Pine River

More marshy areas

So many dandelions

We hope to see some soon


Kiskatinaw River

Wind generators along the ridge

Pastures and plowed farmland

Welcome to Dawson Creek, Mile Zero

Our campground, Northern Lights RV Park

Driving to Dawson Creek was just 1 hour and 59.5 miles.

As soon as we pulled out of our campground in Chetwynd and turned right (east bound) it began to climb in elevation. We saw several areas of Lenticular Clouds, so pretty yet strangely shaped like flying saucers.

We saw a deer on the side of the road and startled her, but I still managed to catch a photo before she ran into the woods.

Our view was wide open and could see so far ahead. As we descended a little there was a large butte ahead. And I thought only California, Arizona and Utah had buttes. We still saw many large areas of bright yellow dandelions and more warning signs to watch for wild life (there was none).

Past rivers, wind generators, pastures and farmland we finally arrived in Dawson Creek the hometown of Mile Zero of the Alaska-Canada Highway built by the US Army after Pearl Harbor was bombed. And before we reached downtown, our campground was on the right. This is a three day layover with full hookups.

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