Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

Since Dubai decided to have a face to face with everyone on board and keep our passports, the people getting off tomorrow must pick their passports up from 5:30am to 7:30am at a place designated for their floor. I am assuming ours are in the ship vault once again.

We were to meet in the music hall with our tour group and with our bus sticker was properly attached to our shirts, sat and waited to be called. The first group called was going into the dessert by Jeep, than by camel, to camp in a Bedoin tent for 24 hours. It is 96 degrees. When good old group one was called so were six others. It was a typical senior stampede to follow our paddles into the lower belly of the ship and shove our way ahead of everyone else into an immigration line. There they looked our face then the passport picture, which I look nothing like, and stamped a page size visa in it, and threw it in a plastic bin.

First impression, all the cars, vans, and trucks are white. All the used ones are at the ship terminal really to be loaded and sold in Africa. The Queen Mary 2 is at the port and is used as a hotel. The roads are pristine, there must be no child seat laws because they all seemed to be hanging out the windows like we did in the 60’s. There is no graffiti. All the street lights are solar. There are no electrical poles, everything is underground. And even when the bus blocked off two lanes of traffic no one honked.

Must sleep we got back 2 hours later than expected. 4pm to 11pm is a long evening.

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