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The only museum I will get to go thru in Baker City,...

OreGREEN parks in the town center, so peaceful, well used and beautiful!

A tranquil resting spot right not The Powder River as it runs...

A pretty setting in the park

Still in Baker City! Last night as we had dinner and chatted with a few locals, we decided we would wait another day before we got on the road due to Weekend Memeorial Day Traffic and possible weather. We were not able to stay in the same place so we were lucky enough to find another room in town. With the weekend, things were selling out and booking up!

The day started slowly with a great sleep in, actually feeling a bit lazy! And then. . . . I popped my crown off my tooth due to my "aggressive flossing" as Mike puts it! Really, Friday of the Memorial Day weekend and I lose a crown. So i get on the phone and the first person I spoke to said "unfortunately all the dentist is Baker City are closed on Fridays, we are open every other Fridaybut not this Friday". Of course you are!! For years, my theory has been if you don't like the answer you get, ask someone else and keep asking until you get the answer you want! So I kept calling, and calling. there MUST be a dentist on call somewhere! I knew from my experience in a dentist office if the patient wasn't in pain, a dentist was quite ok with letting you wait until the next business day for treatment! Undeterred I kept calling! Believe me, I was laying it on thick about being on a bicycle, traveling off into the wilderness not knowing when i would be in a town with a dentist! Even when the voice on the other end agreed with me and added that if I did find a dentist in those rural areas it was questionable about the care available! Well thanks for the info but no offer of assistance. Finally, someone suggested I contact the Urgent Care and perhaps they would know of a dentist on call for the weeekned. That was the best advice I had, the young man was indeed helpful, gave me 2 numbers and the second phone number was when my angel dentist answered! Yes, he was out of town but would be here in about 30 minutes and would have a look, would that work for me???? YES!!YES!!!YES!!! Dr Justin Bingham, the wonderful kind Dr Justin Bingham met us at the office, he was so kind and hospitable and a great dentist! The good news, no wait the GREAT news was there was no decay or breakage, the crown snapped back into place with a little magic cement and we were on our way!! So we were meant to be in Baker City today for more reasons than we thought! Just think if that crown fell off when we were way out yonder with nothing out there but trees and hills to climb! Do you think we are being watched over??

We spent a very pleasant day in this very relaxed and down to earth town of Baker City. A real small town feel,people are so friendly. We hung out at the local museum, not the famous Interpretive Museum that I was looking forward to visiting, but the Baker City Museaum. Several rooms dedicated to the filming of the famous movie Paint Your Wagon. Also much precise and dedicated displays to share the history of Baker City and the people that formed it. Then our next favorite past time, hanging out at the library! Large windows looking out of the Powder River as if flowed past thru the middle of town.

I thought we were lucky enough that we had stayed an extra day just because my crown fell off, but. . . .the weather! We were going to move on the the next campground this morning and wait for another two days for the busy, treacherous holiday traffic to calm down a bit. I am so grateful we are not in a tent right now! Huge wind, pounding rain,lightening and flood warnings!

Twice lucky in one day! And we had a delicious meal to boot! We are so good to ourselves! Can't wait til this holiday weekend is behind us! Want to get back on the road, get a routine going and get to Florida! Almost out of Oregon, we are very close to the border of Idaho.

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