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This morning is the day for Jeanne's hip replacement surgery, but first we had to go to visit Mama to see how she was doing today. Good news! she was back to normal (whatever that is!) so we had a good conversation and visit, albeit short so we could get to the hospital for Mike and Jeanne.

We got lost on the way there of course. The GPS in the truck froze up, then my phone with the maps app on shut off on its own. So we were blindly headed across a city we knew nothing about to a hospital we had never seen. But we did get to see a lot of neighborhoods with cool architecture on the way there. Oh, and it was pouring down rain.

We did finally get there. The surgery took about an hour and a half, then there was the recovery room time. So it was late afternoon when we finally left to go back to report to mama how the surgery went. Tired when we got back home, we had a quick dinner, watched a movie and went to bed.

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