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Church from Matisse

Ah the wedding day

We decided to revisit a place we saw 36 years ago - Vence up in the mountains behind us, or was it St. Paul de Vence? 36 years ago. It was a short drive there and we saw all around a modern art museum. Hmmmm, again. There was the usual ancient city we wandered around. This time instead of tourist junk shops there was quality art. Sculpture and painting very well done. The view back to the beach from Vence is spectacular. We also visited St Paul de Vence, which is where we were in 1980, Chris assures me. We also saw a church designed by Matisse. Very different. There was a large sign (I saw later as we left) that said no photos. Oops. Chris said I looked appropriately contrite. A couple being drove around in a convertible thru narrow streets on their wedding day with horns tooting completed another pleasant day on the code as you are.

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