2015/16. ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA - End August 2015 - travel blog

For us, the earth didn't move - it was Blue having a...

Duquesa Mexican

Estepona Wednesday market, good enough to eat...

Terry manoeuvered brilliantly into the space next to us, took 20 mins...

Our fruit bowl

Casement Square in Gibraltar early Feb

The Rock from the east side

Valentine's Day lunch at Roy's Cod Plaice in Casement Square

Blue under the table on guard against cats!

Our hill walk on a lovely day mid Feb

Blue sunbathing, exhausted after our long walk

January 2016

The rest of January has given us every day sunshine, sometimes just warm, others really hot, still with cold nights & early mornings, but so so lovely. The sort of weather that makes me want to get up early to get chores done so I can laze the rest of the day away without feeling guilty!

Roy's been busy accounting and fixing problems technically. I've done a lot of soup making and cooking, as for our Christmas we bought a soup maker (which is just the best thing ever, well, next to a slow cooker) and an extra small freezer, which is giving us more choice mealtimes as we can use Morrisons meat & for the first time in years, we've bought oven chips! Sad?

Best day out was without doubt a trip to Gibraltar with Karen, a marathon all day - we were so engrossed we didn't notice it was 4pm when we stopped for lunch! Then we drive back here, freshened up & walked to Duquesa for a lovely Italian meal.....next morning off to Estepona market, which is getting better by the week, and then to Carrefour supermarket where Roy & Blue met us for coffee in their outside cafe at 2pm.

We've been going to the next village, Castillo, for the last couple of Saturday evenings as the highly recommended bar there made us very welcome with Blue, the drinks, pint of beer + good sized glass wine came to just €5, about £3.80, and we had a lovely selection of tapas for our meal. Only downside is that it does get smokey in their outside area as it's still cold evenings the canvas/plastic sides are always up. We'll try Thursday this week instead. Blue has got into a routine,off lead all the way until near the bar, he searches for any sign of cats, then barks furiously chasing them until they disappear into a crevice in the harbour wall for safety...these are street-wise felines & he hasn't a hope of catching them.

19th Feb

We had a day in Gibraltar on Valentine's day, the 24th anniversary of our first date! Last year at this time I was in Scotland, so it was good to be together this year. We'd been to Gib only recently, tried to explore the Nature reserve, but with Blue it was impossible, he did not take to the apes! They didn't reckon much to him either, so we didn't stay long that day. Today we decided to try the fish and chips at Roy's Cod Plaice for lunch, which were excellent, Blue enjoyed upsetting a few more cats, entertaining the other diners into the bargain. It was showery so we didn't get to the beach this time, but we did have a lovely day. Will return on our own to the Nature reserve if we can get a dog sitter.

The site is almost full and has been for a few weeks. We are so quiet and private here though it really doesn't affect us. We are lucky to have lovely neighbours all around us; Chris and Pete, with staffy Millie, have been next space but one since November, due to leave next month, home to their barge which has been out of the water being repaired. Terry & Wen also leave soon, they're Caravan park wardens so have 6 months at work and 6 months away like us. Joyce and Barry, in their late 70's, have a huge American RV, and pull a trailer with a car on it. They are just behind us, spend their time between here and Yorkshire, loving the weather in the south of Spain in winter, then enjoying touring the rest of the Iberian peninsula the rest of the year, going home to Yorkshire a couple of times in the summer. Jean and John are retired farmers, in their early 80's; this is their third winter break here, parked right at the front for two months. Lastly Andy and Julie also due to leave soon with their two spaniels, have had two happy months here. So that's been our wee corner for a while now, and surprisingly all Brits, don't think we've ever had an all British corner before, there's always been either German, Spanish, Dutch couples amongst us.

Anyway, that's us for now, we intended to go to the mountains again today but when we got up past Manilva the drizzle and clouds came down, so did we, into Duquesa for a lovely light lunch with Blue in the Kinsale bar.

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