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Approach to front of Cathedral

Notice the gothic artechiture find detail of individual figures and symbolism.

What's not to like about this spire.

The arches surrounding the front doors.

More stain glass than one can photograph

The main alter.

The whole inside of this Cathedral shows tasks of the common people....

Lighting a candle for my blessing. Also, put my hands in holy...

Time to head back to Paris.

Chartres Cathedral is located about 45 minutes south of Paris. The location of this Cathedral is on the site of the first known Christian church. It was errected in 4th century, and rebuilt four times. The consruction of this current cathedral was started about 1194. As we all know in the 1200s the people who built these cathedrals worked practica─║ly by hand. It was not uncommon for a person to work their entire life on one project.

I have learned from the mythology books written by Joseph Campbell, who stated that the Christian religion began here in Chartres.

You can feel the great spirit at this place.

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