2014 Midwest USA Redux travel blog

Well, Doris had her six-week hip replacement check up Wednesday and the doctor gave her the green light to return to full duty. :-) For her, the most important thing was being able to sleep on her side once again!

We are way past ready to get out of this heat and humidity!! It looks like we will be leaving for Red Bay, AL on Sunday, July 6, spending two nights along the way, arriving in Red Bay on the 8th and spending three or four nights there getting some upgrades done on the Mothership. On Wednesday the 9th, Brannon at Custom RV will be replacing our roof Direct TV antenna with a Winegard Trav'ler which is HD compatible. He will also be installing some new tank level sensors and automatic lifts to raise the king-size bed. On the 10th, Chris at Chris Berry's Woodwork will be installing a couple of new LED TVs as well as a sound bar. On the 11th, we have an appointment for Bay Diesel to install new Koni shocks and do a front-end alignment. That will pretty well get the Mothership back up to fighting weight and ready for another few years of touring. We do plan on getting Brannon to replace the carpet next year but that is all that will be left - we hope!

We will probably spend that week-end (12th and 13th) in Florence, AL but where we go from there and how we get there is currently up in the air. This trip will be largely by the seat of our pants, and the weather reports - we just want to get to somewhere cooler, which most likely means north Minnesota, Wisconsin or the UP of Michigan!

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