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View from the train

Woke up this morning to find that the weather had closed in on us. The lake and mountains were covered in fog and it was raining. Rather than drive around on the icy roads, we decided to take a train ride to Zurich (about 60km away). Everything you have heard about European train travel is true - modern, clean and efficient. Although we weren't on one of the Very Fast Trains, we were soon gliding across the snow covered landscape towards Zurich (and 78 euros lighter).

Zurich was a little different from what we expected. From the stories you hear and films you see, you expect to see a gleaming new city made of steel and glass. Reality is quite different. One tends to forget that Zurich is an old city with plenty of history ( there is a mixture of old and new. the buildings are predominantly 19th century architecture, with a 21st century building thrown in now and again (including starbucks and mcdonalds).

Even tho we only spent the day there, it was enough to appreciate the history and culture of the city. As always, a week or two would be needed to really get to know it (perhaps next trip).

tomorrow we leave Switzerland and head to Germany and the Black Forest - staying at Landhaus Karin in Freudenstadt-Lauterbad.

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