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South Dakota, we have arrived!

And we have arrived in Montrose.

Our picnic area on Lake Madison

Had a bunch of "lake" gulls for company.

Wellington Brown's - Don't know if it's open or not but the...

So, today we left at 11:00 for our 148-mile drive to Montrose, South Dakota and Pioneer Park where we’ll stay for 3 nights. I’ve noticed that Montrose is closer to Madison SD (where we’re going to meet our mail-forwarding people and pick up our mail) than Mitchell SD is so we’ll take a day while we’re here and run up there.

We traveled from the corn/soybean area into the corn/soybean/cattle area today. More and more cattle are beginning to show up in fields and feed lots. I feel so sorry for those in the feed lots. They get shipped in from nice large green fields to small crowded dirt plots. Almost (but not quite) makes me want to quit eating beef!

This is nice, small community park with water and electric. No one here when we got here but later in the afternoon, some tenters came in and in early evening, a Class B (looks like a large, very nice van) came in.


Off we Madison to get our mail and see who's behind the whole mail-forwarding operation.

The roads in Iowa and South Dakota are very loooong and very straight. We drove up Route 19 and I'm thinking the road builders were just learning when they made the lower numbered roads because 19 was just as bad as 20 but by the time they got to Highway 34, they had the process down pat because that was lots smoother than the other two. :-)

We met Terri and her gang of 2 and what a neat place it is. Almost like a little post office. Well, if you think of it, it IS a little post office. All the mail goes from the regular post office to their office, gets sorted just like in the big post offices, then gets sent on out on request to wherever. Pretty neat.

Stopped for some hoagies (subs to you mid-westerners) and sodas then drove to Lake Madison where we had a little picnic (and I grabbed a geocache). We had some company near our picnic table at the end of the road...some "lake" gulls sitting on a little sand spit. After awhile, a kingfisher came to sit in the tree about 50' from us. He'd sit there a bit calling his little laughing call then all of a sudden take off and dive into the lake. He must have come up with something because a couple of gulls chased him for a bit but he was quick and got away. Then he came back and the whole scene started all over again. Pretty neat.


Nellie and I took a long walk this morning before we left on the 45-mile trip to Mitchell. She really likes to go on these walks and does pretty well but she does have to stop every so often and really give the scene a good look. We saw a couple of fish jump in the little creek behind us (she REALLY looked at that and then wouldn't get near the creek) and heard a couple of frogs harrumpping. It was very nice. When I get up in the morning, the first thing she wants is to go out so she gets tied out for awhile and then she meows to come in to go to the bathroom and have a bit of breakfast and then she wants out again. I swear she's as bad as a little kid!

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