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The day did not start out too well. We discovered, when we got up, that Dad's thigh had

worsened. Now a deep purple & bigger area. Had a quick breakfast and we headed to Rapid

City to ER. Found it easily. Got in pretty quickly. They did x-rays & blood tests. The

ER doc determined that it stretched the muscles enough that it broke some capilaries. It bled out in the thigh. No major damage. Now just a large bruise that would take 4-5 wks. to go away. He is walking better each day. After lunch we headed up to Mt. Rushmore. We saw the movie that showed all the steps they took in sculpting the faces.

Facinating! There was a lot of it created by blasting. We spent a couple hrs. looking at displays, reading plaques, etc. We took many snapshots.

We went home for supper. Decided to return to the park to hear their night presentation and the illumination of the faces @ 9:30. They have a nice ampitheater to see it all. About 15 min before illumination it started to rain. We stuck it out and, of course, we

got soaked. It was 48 degrees. We were so cold, but survived. :) A hot shower and warm jammies made us all feel better. Another fun day.

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