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Tim in the falls, Argentinian side

Rainbow over the falls, Brazilian side

Tim and Suzie on top the "Devils Throat" Argentinian side

We caught a bus from Rio to Foz do Igaucu which is right on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and more importantly the location of the Igaucu Falls.

The bus ride was a long one - 22 hours but certainly comfortable and cheap too. The tickets were the equivalent of $150 AUD for both of us. In fact this kind of bus ride will be our primary means of navigating through South America.

I won't prattle on too much in this entry because the attached photos of this place (including views from both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides) really tell a far better story then I ever could.

What I will say is that you essentially have two towns set up either side of the border that exist primarily because of the falls, and that is a damn good thing because they are truly spectacular.

The town of Peurto Igauzu, which is on the Argentinian side is where we spent most of our time and was certainly our favourite. For one thing it was nice to be able to put some of our Spanish skills (limited) into action, while the town just had a really nice vibe about it that actually reminded us both of Margaret River. The other thing that was a standout here was the food - in particular one meal we had at a local restuarant called Taroba.

We sipped icy cold Quilmes (local beer) shared an entree of a local meat dish, and devoured the most amazing fish and veal mains prepared in a uniquely Argentinian manner (the veal was raw and frozen - I known what you are thinking but Suzie says yum!). This was all topped off by a delicious chocholate brownie dessert for the grand sum of $35 AUD.

Ok thats all for this one enjoy the photos.

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