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Today James and Nancy went with me on a search for some tire valve stem extensions and propane system pigtail and fittings. It nearly wore us all out because we had to go to so many places before I found what I needed. At least we had perfect weather for our outing.

We stopped first at Pep Boys so I could return the valve stem extensions which did not work. Then we drove to Buda where I thought surely I’d be able to find the extensions at Crestview RV. Not so. By then we were ready for lunch so we went to the nearby Cracker Barrel.

Next stop: Camper Clinic II. There I found the propane pigtail but not the other items. While we were there we checked out some of their fifth-wheel trailers for Nancy; there were some nice ones that would meet her needs. They recommended that I try at the Ford Truck Center for the valve extensions. Unfortunately, that was another dead end but they called several places on my behalf, one of which was A-Line Auto Parts. A-line did not have the extensions in stock but ordered a set for me.

Back in Austin we stopped at Home Depot where – at long last! – I found the propane fittings and two wrenches that would work with them. James used his vise-grip tool to remove the old propane pigtail and installed my new one using my new tools. Phew! What a relief to have that problem resolved. Now, if the valve stem extensions will work, I’ll be a happy camper again.

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