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Leaving the Teton Valley

Ranch gates

Wheat fields forever

Not sure what was red on these hills

We followed the Snake River most of the day

Mule deer

This isn't equipment sales - it's a farm storage lot

Straw bales & wheat storage

Wheat field harvested & now straw being baled

Not us - "retired - go around"!

Didn't expect to see lava flow in Idaho

Potato fields - growing, drying & ready to be harvested

Potato harvesting & storage - look at all those French fries!

Caribou mountain range near Pocatello

Simplot plant - phosphate ore turned into fertilizer

Wheat fields gave way to alfalfa/hay fields

More views of Snake River

Massacre Rocks along the Snake River

Pronghorn in an alfalfa field

Saw some cattle too

And a few corn fields

Silage - they use everything they can out of the fields

Snake River canyon

Still in Idaho but looks like Nevada

Now we're entering Nevada

Spending the nite here

We were on the road shortly after 9:00 this morning. It was a nice day & we didn't encounter any wind. As we drove up out of the Teton Valley Judi commented that our views would really change over the day's drive.

We weren't aware that Idaho - at least eastern Idaho - had so much agriculture. We passed miles & miles of wheat fields & noticed not only the grain silos but big stacks of straw bales. After the wheat is harvested, they go back & bale the wheat straw. We also passed miles & miles of potato fields & noticed that it's potato harvesting time. It was interesting to see the potato fields - some still green, some drying, some ready to be harvested & some being harvested. The big trucks full of potatoes were busy going from the fields to the storage "barns" (like large quonset huts with earth piled up the outsides) - very similar to what we'd seen in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. The wheat fields slowly gave way to alfalfa/hay fields & some corn fields.

Our route followed the Snake River most of the way. It started out like a big stream, turned into a wide river & then narrowed as it went thru canyons. It helped make our drive pretty & interesting.

We crossed the border into Nevada & immediately entered the town of Jackpot where we'd planned to spend the nite. There's not much to the town but casinos & we know that Cactus Pete's owns 2 of them & a number of restaurants - maybe most of the town. There's a free rock concert outside in front of the casino across the street from Cactus Pete's tonite. Evidentally it's Cactus Pete's 60th anniversary. For awhile the drum beat was really loud but we haven't heard anything for awhile. Hope we don't need earplugs to sleep tonite. Ha!

Tomorrow we move on to Winnemucca. A day of driving across Nevada. More later...

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