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Janna in a medieval tower added to the Roman coliseum

Kate on the medieval tower overlooking Arles

Provincial window boxes

Tom, Janna and Carmen in the arches of the coliseum

Unrestored vs restored arches of the coliseum

Tom and the girls went to Arles back in September, and they really loved it. Now that I am available to travel around they wanted to take me back. The attractions of Arles are the Roman ruins and also Van Gogh's presence. There is a largely intact coliseum that we wandered through and a largely dismantled theater which was still interesting to explore. Apparently during the middle ages a town of 200 houses and shops was erected inside the coliseum and towers were built onto the stands to protect the town. Van Gogh spent his last two years in and around Arles and painted a number of local scenes which we had fun tracking down. Arles is a little less polished and dolled-up for tourists which was also a nice change of pace. It seems like real people live here! The girls were fascinated watching three siblings playing soccer in their driveway right next to the coliseum.

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