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Our campsite at Reynolds Creek COE

The lake cove near our campsite

Another view

The chef at work

Oh, that is going to be good!

Seen at the local CVS

This corn is only knee high. Should be over 7' high at...

Mother Nature takes back her land.

But gives us some flowers in exchange

Miss Priss

She loves watching the NASCAR races

Resident roadrunner

Skinny, hungry Visiting Cat

She IS pretty

Ti at the tire shop

Good sign

Penny and the critters waiting at the tire shop

Riesel Lions Club parade

Lots of kids in the parade

And old (and not-so-old) tractors

The sun sets over the Riesel Lions Club carnival...

...and the lights come on.


Well, today started off okay….packed up and on the road by 9:45 a.m., very little traffic, easy driving along SR 183 then branching eastward on SR 84 at Goldthwaite …but then the fun began. Road construction…on a 2-lane road….and our side of the road was VERY rough and bumpy and pot-holey. About 10 miles outside of Goldthwaite, I was looking at the trailer in the rearview mirror and it seemed to be leaning to the right?? Nowhere to pull off this horrendous road until we got to an old country hardware store where I could finally pull over. Bob got out of the truck, walked back to the trailer and guess what? NO REAR TRAILER TIRE!!! The lugs had completely sheared off and left our tire, wheel and TPMS to go sailing into goodness-knows-where! And we didn’t even feel it. Of course, the road was so bumpy, we didn’t feel much of anything except the bumps. It did a little damage to the side skirt but I think Bob will be able to fix that.

So….the guy at the gas station/hardware store didn’t have any lugs to replace the broken ones so one of the fellows there took Bob back to Goldthwaite to buy new lugs. They took the spare tire off and installed that when they got back from town. They looked for the fly-away wheel along the way but didn’t see it. The guy at the shop said they’ve had more tire problems showing up there since they’ve started fixing the road. Unfortunately, we were one of those. However, we’re very lucky the remaining right side tire was able to carry the extra weight over the bumps until we had a chance to pull over.

It was very hot today, too (105°) so while Bob was gone, I took Sam, Nellie and Taco out of the truck and we sat back in the shop where it was relatively cool.

Back on the road again about 3 hours later and, thankfully, the rest of the drive was uneventful. I do think I’m getting too old for this part of the traveling…the breakdowns out in the middle of nowhere…I was so tense the rest of the evening.

Oh, I forgot…we didn’t even know where we were going to spend the night! Since there was no computer reception at Coleman, I wasn’t able to make reservations in Waco. I knew we wanted to go to one of the 3 COE parks but when I called, the two I was calling about had no spaces left. They finally told me about the third one and checked with them…they had 2 pull-thru spaces available….on a first-come, first-serve basis! And we were still 30 minutes from there. Oh well….nothing else to do but plead with them to try to save one of them for us.

Finally, pulled into the Reynolds Creek COE Park at 4:30 in the afternoon….only about 4 hours late! So glad to be here, though. We’re not right on the lake but it’s about 500 feet away. And, even though it, too, is down, at least it looks like a lake. Lots of water at the other two campgrounds but at least we’re safely in a park and, after taking a couple of my little white pills, I was able to calm down a bit. I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight.

This is a nice park. The campsites are in loops with about 4 sites to a loop. And there is a minimum of streetlights so we get lots of nice “night sky”. There’s only one other camper here so we’re basically alone.


Into Waco to do tons of laundry, find a Verizon store to get Bob’s phone working again, fill prescriptions at CVS, do some shopping at Walmart, buy a new tire, find someone to change it out, and just some general driving around. Waco is another big city…spread out….with lots of neat things to visit, see and do. With the tire problem, though, I don’t know how much time we’ll have to do touristy things. Gotta’ get that problem straightened out first.

When we came back, there was a kitty, sitting outside our house! A cute little grey kitty about Nellie's age and very skinny. So of course I had to put food and water out for her and boy, did she dive into the food. She is so very friendly and I'm wondering if she is lost from an RV or if someone, who used to love her, just dropped her off. So sad.

It cooled off a bit this evening so Bob cooked dinner on the grill and we had dinner outside. It was rather nice for a change. We would probably do this more often but the heat really bothers me and we’re starting to run into humidity now which, as many of you know, really adds to the problem. Once that thermometer hits 100°, you’ll find me in the house!


Fellow came out and changed tires for us. When he was checking torque on our other wheels, one of the lugs broke off so we’ll go into town tomorrow, with the trailer in tow, to get all lugs replaced. I’m just getting so tired of this wheel thing. We might be able to stay long enough to have one of the wheel places order us a new aluminum alloy wheel to replace the spare wheel (it’s steel) so we’ll have a complete spare tire and wheel once again.

IT RAINED THIS EVENING!!! Got all nice and dark, lightening, and then….rain!! Oh, it felt and sounded so good. Only lasted about 20 minutes but it was fun while it lasted.


Took the trailer into Waco to get the new lugs put on the front right tire. Also ordered a new wheel to replace the steel spare wheel so when that comes in (from Utah), we’ll have the road service come out, remove the steel wheel and put that tire on the new wheel then have the old, D rated tire, replaced on the steel wheel and it will once again be a spare tire. When we get really rich (yeh, sure!), I’ll get another allow wheel and another E rated tire to be used as a spare. Then we’ll always be ready and I won’t have to worry that one wheel is steel and one tire is only D rated.

Got back to camp (Visiting Kitty was waiting for us), set up again, then off to Walmart for some groceries and water. When we got back to the campground the second time, the gate guy said he hoped our fresh water tank was full ‘cause there had been a water line break somewhere in the line that feeds the park so we wouldn’t have any water until that was fixed. We have enough drinking water and Bob got water from the lake for using in the bathroom. We’re okay for as long as we’ll be here but I do hope it gets fixed soon ‘cause the dishes pile up so quickly.

Visiting Kitty is looking so much better. I think she'd make a fine addition to our family. I tie Nellie outside each day so the two of them can become acquainted and they're getting there. I think Nellie would love to have a kitty to play with since Taco gets grumpy sometimes.


Signed up for 4 more days. Shipping of the new wheel is supposed to take 3 days then one day for the guy to do his tire changing thing. We SHOULD be leaving on the 24th. Drove down to Riesel ‘cause Bob wanted to go to a small festival they’ve been advertising on TV but it really doesn’t start until tomorrow so we’ll come back then. Water is back on. I like it here during the week when there’s hardly anyone else in the whole park. We’ve had this 4-site campsite loop all to ourselves since last Saturday but I’m sure there will be people moving in again this weekend.


They called yesterday and said the wheel was in so we went and picked that up on our way to Riesel for the festival. When we got to Riesel, we noticed people gathering at various places along the street with their lawn chairs and refreshments. We figured there was going to be a parade so we found a parking spot and set up our chairs in the shade (it was still hot in the shade). Sure enough, about a half hour later, here comes a cop car, lights and sirens going. The parade is about to start! And it was a very nice little country parade with tractors, trucks, lots of kids riding on hay wagons, some horses, and the Shriners driving patterns in their little yellow cars. Very nice little parade. After the last float had passed, it was time to move on to the Lions Festival. Walked around a bit, people watched, and sat and listened to the band a bit before we had to leave. I don’t do particularly well driving in the dark so we usually have to leave wherever we might be in order to get home before it gets real dark. We would have liked to have stayed longer but, feeling like Cinderella, home we went.

Then, this morning, the fellow from City Tire came out and removed the spare wheel and new tire, put the new tire on the new wheel and remounted that. Then he put the spare tire (old) on the steel wheel and put that in place under the trailer. So, once again, we’ve 4 wheel/tire combinations plus a spare. Ready to roll on Sunday.


Bob was checking the torque on all 4 trailer wheels and found out we're short 3 OEM lug nuts on the front wheel and they installed recessed nuts in their place plus on all 6 lugs on the rear wheel. And our torque socket is too thick to be able to get in around the nuts. You can bet I'm going to call City Tire and Batteries tomorrow and find out where my other 3 lug nuts are. Then we're going to have to find some taller nuts for the rear wheel. Damn, it's getting so you just can't trust anyone to do a good job anymore. Really ticks me off!!

Bob said we can't take Visiting Kitty with us so you can imagine I'm quite upset. She is going to be all alone with no food (I don't think she's too good at catching her own meals) and she's going to wonder why no one wants her. I hope someone comes along who will give her a loving home. Tonight was "cry night" for me.

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