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There he is!

Scott & Kim-ready for first ride in U-7

Our team took second & third @ Detroit Gold Cup!

My sister's backyard pond

Jacob walking!

One year old birthday party

Birthday by

Shirtless-ready to dive in

Hello! Here we are in Suffolk, Va enjoying the heat and humidity typical of an east coast summer-ha,ha:) This summer has been full of fun - spending time with Katie and Maddie, seeing Jacob take some of his first steps, and entering the upscale world of unlimited racing.

Corky returned smitten with a new level of racing. He has always felt confident of Scott's abilities as a competitive boat racer and boat builder. The unlimited racing world has referred to the rookie as "lightning in a bottle"!! There is a higher level of organization, crew, FOOD, etc.

Immediately upon returning home, Corky began studying for the CDL testing. Why? He has been invited to help with team driving. Next week he will be Seattle bound with his learner's permit. Driving our big rig adds valuable experience to this new endeavor. At some point I'll be able to ride along with him. Passing the driving test after 30 days of permit driving will allow us to go as part of the team to San Diego!

July 20, 2010 our little miracle baby boy came into our lives. Family and friends had a wonderful day celebrating Jacob's first birthday! By the way, he is definitely all boy! That's why grand parenting is the way to go - no intricate parenting skills required - just fun, fun, fun!

Today is the beginning of our annual medical check-ups. Here's hoping all is well so we can continue our five year travel plans!

Enjoy the pictures. Did you know the blooming lily pads close at night? I snapped the picture early AM as they were opening. Aren't they beautiful?

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