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on the balcony of our hotel


Beautiful view on our hike

On the Dock in Ponza

On the boat with Christina

Blue waters and Hotel in Pink!


Friday night I went to bed as early as I could so I could get a good nights sleep to feel better for the Ponza trip this weekend. I woke up on Saturday feeling a little bit better. All the drugs that Delia gave me helped a lot! Italian voodoo medicine haha.

The LdM group met up in the morning, with two new Tuscania LdM people. We took an hour bus ride and then a rocky hour boat ride (which I passed out on) to Ponza.

Ponza is a small Island off the west coast of Italy between Napoli and Roma. After arriving on the Island, we all checked into our beautiful hotel which was right on the cliffs. I shared a room with my friend Christina and our balcony wrapped around to watch the ocean crash against the rocks.

Then we walked around the tiny town to get lunch and gelato (of course) and got ready for a hike around the island with a local artist. Hike started out going up stairs around the town to get a beautiful view of it and then we went into the wildnerness! This was my favorite part because there were so many different kinds of plants and the view was phenomenal! Barbara (LdM staff membber) got nervous when I decided to get a closer view of the edge of the cliff but "I have been doing this since a child with my dad" I told her, "we rock climb" making my mother nervous as well! I was safe and didnt get myself killed. Our tour guide took us on a hike to some small caves which were pretty cool! Some people in our group were not enjoying the wild especially after it started to rain, which I didnt enjoy too much either. The rocks/steps were wet but I took my time and didnt slip like many of the other kids did.

We then got back to the hotel where we had some free time. I ended up taking a nap to take it easy cause I was still a little sick and then got ready for our dinner along the ocean-front.

Dinner was a delicious two course meal. I had pasta and a veggie dish perche sono vegetariana. It was fun to have a nice dinner with everyone.

There wasnt much to do at night in the small town, so a few of us window-shopped and then I went back to the hotel with a few others and watched the ocean under moonlight crash into the cliff below. Melissa (an LdM-mer from Tuscania) and I talked about being the old people of the group and our need for sleep before heading to bed early and falling asleep to the sound of the waves.

I awoke in the morning to sit out on the balcony and learn some Italian. Breakfast was served downstairs and we all met down there and sat facing the ocean and talked about our previous night.

We found out later that morning that our ferry would not be traveling that day because it was too windy, so Barbara was frantically calling around to see if we could get home that day and finally found us a ferry that we could take after our boat tour. The boat tour took us almost around the Island of Ponza getting dangerously close to the bluffs. The view was breath-taking; we saw our hotel from the ocean as well as volcanicly made islands, lighthouses, Roman-made caves and a huge sailboat in the distance. We were able to jump into the ocean and swim in the beautifully blue water. I couldnt get over how easy it was to swim cause the salt kept me afloat. Even my father and Bff, Kirk would have a easy time swiming in that water!

After the tour we had just enough time to change and grab something to eat before catching our boat that was a three hour boat ride to the mainland. The gentle rocking back and forth put me to sleep right away and I only was awake long enough to walk outsie to see the beautiful mountains of Italy.

After getting off the boat we speed-walked to catch our train which was so crowded we had to stand most of the time. We all were so tired we just zoned out the whole ride home. Also, I saw the guy I sat next to on the plane, AGAIN, on the train! Its so strange that I keep running into him in such a huge country!

We got home late last night and I unpacked, showere and went to bed, exhausted! I was still very tired when I went to class this morning. I have so much homework to do and I feel like I have no time to do it! There is so much that I want to see and do even in just Rome!

I leave Thursday for Paris!!


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